Where to Next? Top 5 Travel Bucket List

What's a great thing to do when revision and uni are getting you down? Oh, yeah! Make a travel bucket list and imagine yourself sitting by a crystal clear ocean on a sunny day. Perfect! We all have our favourite places we want to travel to so I've comprised a list of mine to inspire [...]


Pleased to Meet’cha! H&M Collab & First Impressions

Wanna know how to look like the baddest gal in Gotham? Course yah do! I've worked with H&M on their new Halloween costumes and chose to make myself look like the fabulous Harley Quinn, craziness included! Read on to find out how I got on... I'm a huge Harley fan and was juggling between doing [...]

Influester – Free Makeup, Food and Skincare!

Hey folks! I've got an interesting and exciting blog for you today, I've just received my first Vox Box, a new Lasting Finish Breathable set from major UK makeup brand Rimmel. How, you might ask. Simple, I left honest reviews of my favourite products as well as filling out some small personal preference surveys. Want [...]

SophX Revolution Palette

Okay, small disclaimer to begin with. I am a HUGE sophdoesnails fan, I've followed her on YouTube for quite some time now and think she is just the cutest little gal ever (Soph if you're somehow reading this, in a non creepy way, we need to be friends). So when I heard she was releasing [...]

September Boux Ambassador Box

Yay for September! We're finally in Autumn which means cosy clothes, lots of tea and, of course, only a few more months till Christmas (not that I'm counting...114 days...11 hours...) and my 21st birthday! How exciting! Talk about a great way to start the month when I woke up to a lovely surprise delivery from [...]

Aliexpress – Makeup Bargains!?

What do we want!? CHEAP MAKEUP! When do we want it!? NOW!! Many of us are yet to adventure into the world of cheap makeup, I know myself that I am a huge brand whore and love nothing more than the guilty feeling of splashing out £50 on a new Urban Decay Pallet! Yet, many [...]

Tottie ‘Canford’ Breeches Review

Hi folks! Today's blog will be, as the title suggests, my review of the Tottie 'Canford' Breeches. I am already obsessed with these! Tottie kindly gifted me my pair as part of the Select 17 program and I have been wearing them almost daily. What I love most about these breeches is the design. Black [...]