Where to Next? Top 5 Travel Bucket List

What’s a great thing to do when revision and uni are getting you down? Oh, yeah! Make a travel bucket list and imagine yourself sitting by a crystal clear ocean on a sunny day. Perfect! We all have our favourite places we want to travel to so I’ve comprised a list of mine to inspire you for your next holiday.

Travel decisions are hard, I’m the kind of person who loves to lay in the sun all day but also get out and about to explore touristy locations or local history. Hopefully this list will suit both those kind of holidays if that’s what you like, or even give you some ideas for a holiday that may be a little different!

1. Disney World Orlando


Could this be any more basic of me? Probably not but whatever! I am a huge Disney fan and having already been to the Paris park (and going back there in February), I would love to visit Disney Stateside and the other parks such as Universal and Epcot.

It would be fantastic to also either stay on site at the Beach Club Resort or to rent one of the local villas for a break away from Disney (and them darn kids) in the evenings. Of course I can’t forget how AMAZING it would be to visit the Harry Potter parks, the photos I’ve seen look incredible and I would feel right at home with all my fellow witches and wizards!

2. Bali – “The Island of Happiness”


How amazing does the picturesque island of Bali look? Can you just imagine being there? Please, someone book me a first class ticket there stat! I love the colours and the landscape it has to offer; lush rain forests, white beaches, blue sea, vibrant flowers… Oh oops, I was day-dreaming!


Not only has it got it’s beautiful landscape but is also culture dense and just waiting to be explored. Take Ubud, one of Bali’s most cultured areas including gorgeous rice patties. museums and markets. It truly is a beautiful place and a must travel spot! 


Can you imagine the gorgeous photos you could take here? InstaGoals much?! It simply is a gorgeous destination and one place that I will always dream of visiting.

3. Texas


A bit of a different one but the horsey girl in me has longed to go to Texas since I was little. For those of you who may not be horsey, this might not appeal to you but some of you it may! I love nothing more than the thought of adventuring around the hills and ranches on horse back, heading back to a nice log cabin (or comfy hotel room) in the evenings in front of a roaring fire and just having a ball!


How gorgeous do these hotels look? I love the idea of this holiday, perfect for someone like me who wants that bit of adventure with a bit of luxury. Not to mention, how fun would the barn dances be!? Amazing!


4. Amsterdam


I think Amsterdam should be on any traveler’s bucket list. Not only is it soaked in culture but it is a genuinely interesting destination. You have a beautiful city mixed in with some amazing and worth while areas to visit, my main one being the Anna Frank Museum. I find her story to heartbreaking and interesting, I just need to find out more and see the house she lived in for myself. 


I would just love to travel down the canal as well, I’ve heard they have floating restaurant which is so cute! In general, exploring the city, its markets, alleys and all the gorgeous museums would be a fantastic way to spend this holiday!

5. Chamonix


This is a little bit of a cheat destination as I’ve already visited here however that was for a day on a school trip so was very rushed! I fell in love with Chamonix as soon as I stepped foot off our bus, picturesque snow capped mountains, cute little patisseries and snow everywhere. It was so beautiful. 


I would love to return here for a skiing holiday, nothing would be better than zooming down the slopes to enjoy a gorgeous hot chocolate and the yummiest crepes or waffles I’ve ever had at the bottom!


I would definitely recommend going to Chamonix, not only is it beautiful but it is a great way to get active and enjoy the French cuisine (by that I mean the super yummy deserts!). Perfect for a couples getaway, where you can lounge in a gorgeous chalet after a long day of skiing.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it brought some inspiration for your own future adventures! I will definitely be doing more bucket lists posts as it has been so fun really thinking about where I want to go!

See you in the next one,

Erin x


NB: All images are sourced from Google and all rights belong to the original photographer.

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