Pleased to Meet’cha! H&M Collab & First Impressions

Wanna know how to look like the baddest gal in Gotham? Course yah do! I’ve worked with H&M on their new Halloween costumes and chose to make myself look like the fabulous Harley Quinn, craziness included! Read on to find out how I got on…

I’m a huge Harley fan and was juggling between doing a full classic look or something else, so I decided to combine a lil’ bit of classic Harley with a lil’ bit of Suicide Squad Harley (so 2015 as my friend Owen said!). I also popped down to Superdrug and grabbed some new pieces, mainly from the Makeup Revolution Halloween collection, so this is also a first impressions post! A jam packed post, eh?

First up, the makeup! No Harley is complete without THAT makeup. I’ve combined my favourite elements from the Classic Harley and Suicide Squad Harley looks. I love the messy eye makeup but also love the black and red colour scheme. Mash them together and you pretty much get a great look!

I started out with my usual skin prep routine, Olay Hydration + SPF moisturizer and Dr Pawpaw balm. This just ensures I have the best base possible for my makeup, making sure I don’t have any dry patches.

Before – Moisturized with Olay Hydration + SPF, Dr Pawpaw balm and Kiki Candy Split Glowing Facial Serum. 


I then applied my new Kiko Candy Split Glowing Facial Serum, this was £15 and is great. Leaves your skin soft and glowy, a great base for everyday and more glamorous makeup looks.

Next up is foundation. I used my new Rimmel 25hr Breathable which is one of my lightest but full coverage foundations and mixed it with Makeup Revolution’s Ghost Whitener. What a great product! Not only is it great when you want to really lighten up your foundation for a look like this but I can also imagine it being great for ever so slightly lightening  dark foundation. Medium coverage and a nice light feel. For £3 this was a total bargain!

I layered these 3 times to achieve the desired coverage I wanted, applying a thin layer of my Rimmel 25hr concealer over any blemish in between layers. The finished look was a very pale (hello, Irish blood) face that almost made me look a little sickly but perfect for a Harley base!

When the camera doesn’t pick up your paleness!

To powder I used another new product, Makeup Revolution’s Ghost Sculpt duo, a great half and half pan of pure white “Ghost” powder and black “Sculpt” powder. I applied the powder straight after applying my foundation in order to get it to cling to damp spots for a more ‘worn’ look – I mean, when your chasing Batman around all day, your makeup wont be perfect!

Actually quite a nice pressed powder!

Next up is contour. I used a mix of the Ghost Sculpt black shade and my Rimmel Contour kit in Coral Glow to achieve a slightly bronzed, hollowed out look. I topped this up with the blush from the same palette and finished my base with the lightest shade from the Soph X Revolution Highlighter Palette.

Once finished, I had a sculpted face sharp enough to cut a… well Mister J’s smile!

Finally onto the fun bits, eyes! We’ve all seen Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad with her smudge, messy eye look. I took the same style using the classic colours and a lil’ bit of sparkle! I started by priming my eyes with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance and then went into the shade ‘Pancakes’ from the Soph X Revolution Ultra Eyeshadows palette as a transition shade and packed it into my crease.

On my left eye, I took ‘Pumpkin’ which I took on a damp brush and packed it along my crease, outer v and along my bottom lash line. I then smudged it out with a dry fluffy brush and dipped into ‘Danger’ to darken it up. I dragged a mix of ‘Danger’ and ‘Pumpkin’ down my face to create the look of smudged and running makeup. To finish it off, I added a dusting of ‘Pink Champagne’ to my inner order and inner third of my top and bottom eyelids, and drew a wing with MUA’s Gel Eyeliner in ‘Underground’ (£2) which is a great formula and dries down very quickly!

Messy, messy! (And undone brows!)

For my right eye, I took the shade ‘Pug’ into my crease, outer v and lower lash line. I then went in with ‘Nightmare’ to darken it up and start to blend it out and down my face like I did with the left eye. Again I finished off the eye with some sparkle with the shade ‘Fairy Lights’ and winged liner. 

Love making a mess!

To complete the look, I used the same MUA eyeliner to draw a small black heart beside my eye, and used Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade in ‘Taupe’ to fill in and define my brows. I volumised my lashes with my favourite Too Face Better Than Sex mascara.

Lips were an obvious choice. I used Kylie Cosmetics ‘Mary Jo K’ liquid lipstick as my main lip colour and placed ‘Leo’ on the outer edges of my lips, diffusing the colour in with my finger.

Great for this look!

Using my finger with the remaining product on, I dragged it down the side of my mouth and messed up the corners to create a smudge out effect.


Now to complete the look! I sprayed my hair with wash out hair colour in black and red from Superdrug (£2.99). My awesome costume is from H&M, it is a velvet one piece in the “Classic” Harley style. It’s super soft and reasonably stretchy so fits perfectly. I got mine in a size XS and I am usually a UK 4/6. I believe it is £19.99. I paired it with wine coloured sock boots from Primark (£8) and voila! Harley Quinn 2.0!


I hope you enjoyed this post! I sure enjoyed writing about becoming the newest DC super villain, maybe a goal to aspire to someday? *jokes*

Go out and have fun this Halloween, don’t forget to stay spooky and safe!

Erin xx


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