Influester – Free Makeup, Food and Skincare!

Hey folks! I’ve got an interesting and exciting blog for you today, I’ve just received my first Vox Box, a new Lasting Finish Breathable set from major UK makeup brand Rimmel. How, you might ask. Simple, I left honest reviews of my favourite products as well as filling out some small personal preference surveys. Want to know how you can get involved?  Well, get sat down and ready to have free, yes FREE, makeup, skincare and food arrive at your very own door thanks to Influenster.

I found Influenster via social media one day. I, personally, love writing reviews on just about anything and once I read into what you get back from Influenster I knew I had to join. They are described as

“…a program that sends out thousands of boxes a month full of free stuff in hopes that you’ll use your social media influence to tell everyone you know what you think of these products.”


Essentially, depending on the quality of your reviews and your social media influence, you will receive their Vox Boxes. These can rang from a small selection of a high street brand to a larger box containing products from the likes of Makeup Forever or YSL. Cool, right? 

I leave approximately 20 reviews a day, depending on how busy I am. The team at Influenster look for active accounts to send boxes to, people who are leaving high quality and honest reviews of products will receive the most/best Vox Boxes. This is my first box as I only recently started really getting into my account and leaving proper reviews.


Influenster is great for those shopping around for new products as well. You can ask and answer questions about products as well as access exclusive deals to use on brands websites as well as on the likes of Sephora and John Lewis. 

Creating lists is another way to get noticed so that brands are aware of what you are interested in and what to send you. I’m currently comprising a list of my Autumnal favourite products such as deep berry lippies and burgundy eye shadows.

Your social influence is quite important on Influenster, having followers that are engaged and liking your posts really shows that you will be able to reach out to lots of people to tell them about a product. The diagram below briefly explains social influence.


Once you get a Vox Box, it’s all very exciting! Influenster ask you to promote it via your social medias as well as leave reviews for the products. You unlock what the call “Brand badges” by completing various tasks for that box. My tasks for the Rimmel box are to create a shot video of me apply the makeup and leave a review. Simple isn’t it? Once you complete your tasks, you are entered into a prize draw to win more products from that brand. So you essentially get a full face of makeup for absolutely free!

Now for a peak into my Rimmel Vox Box! I was so excited to get this, I mean who doesn’t love trying out new products before anyone else? It came the very next day that I was confirmed to receive it which was brilliant service!


The box contained the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hour Breathable foundation and concealer, classic lipstick and a Kate X Rimmel contour kit.


I used the foundation on a day where I was out the whole day and it was amazing! Perfect colour match which is hard for someone with very pale neutral skin, super easy to build up and blend, and has lasted all day with not breaking apart or transferring! It also didn’t set into any fine lines or collect on my dry patches, and left my skin feel light and refreshed. The applicator is a huge doe foot which I think is pretty darn awesome as I always end up pumping out (or spilling) way too much product. 

The concealer is equally as good, a lovely lightweight but medium-full coverage formula that brightens under the eyes and hides all nasty blemishes. The applicator is a sponge tip which is great for evenly distributing product.

The contour kit is a perfect, the contour shade is a cool toned match and blends in seamlessly. The blush is a gorgeous coral-pink colour that I think would suit most skin tones and has a slight shimmer, great for brightening up the face. I quite like the highlight too, it is very natural and needed a bit of building up but is perfect for an everyday look. Already in love!

The lipstick is also fab, lovely, creamy and a colour I wouldn’t normally use but actually looks gorgeous!

Interested? You should be. It’s a great opportunity to try out new products and leave your own reviews on them. You can sign up here and start leaving reviews. 

If you want updates on any new Vox Boxes that are to come, be sure to follow my blog and keep any eye out!

Erin x

8 thoughts on “Influester – Free Makeup, Food and Skincare!

  1. A great way to get to free cosmetics. I like the idea of Influenster. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to write 20 reviews a day, but for someone (who does not have 3 children) is a great way to have fun and try out new products.


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