SophX Revolution Palette

Okay, small disclaimer to begin with. I am a HUGE sophdoesnails fan, I’ve followed her on YouTube for quite some time now and think she is just the cutest little gal ever (Soph if you’re somehow reading this, in a non creepy way, we need to be friends). So when I heard she was releasing not just one but TWO palettes, I had mild palpitations and set an alarm for 10.30am on Wednesday to buy them.

To start with, these palettes were scandalously cheap, as most Revolution makeup is. The eye-shadow palette (24 shades, I may add) was only £10 while the gorgeous highlighter palette was a fantastic £8. Not too shabby at all for so many shades. I ordered mine via TAM Beauty, the brand that owns the likes of Makeup Revolution, Freedom and I Heart Makeup, for £20.95 including delivery. The palettes arrived on Saturday but unfortunately I was out and missed them so only got my hands on them yesterday. 


I love the packaging of these palettes, Soph designed them herself and the water colour peach effect is so gorgeous! Quite girly but still very sleek. Both palettes have gorgeous rose gold wording with “Soph x” across the front. The eye-shadows are encased in a pale peach snap shut palette that surprising feels very high end and weighty. When you open the palette, you have a huge mirror which, as Soph said, is perfect for doing your makeup on the go. A plastic film cover the shades with each of their names on, Soph named the shades after things she loves such as ‘Grow Old’, a lyric from Twenty One Pilots ‘House of Gold’ and ‘Sparks Fly’ from the same named Taylor Swift song, both of which I love! There are also some cute names such as ‘Cuppa Tea’ and ‘Rosewood’, both of which I can’t wait to dig in to.

Swatching the palettes was a god given experience, I’m talking holy pigment Batman! These colours are brilliant, the mattes, unlike many others I’ve tried, are actually creamy and pretty darn intense, even the light colours like ‘Pancakes’ and ‘Penguin’. I am so excited to test these out on the eyes for a future blog post. The shimmer shades are also blinding, ‘Pink Champagne’ and ‘Mixed Berries’ are just stunning!

Penguin, Pancakes, Fairy Lights, Pink Champagne, Iced Coffee, Cuppa Tea, Grow Old, Sparks Fly, Smokey Bronze
Danger, Strawberry Sweets, Festive Flame, Copper Coin, Mug Cake, Rosewood, Nightmare
Mixed Berries, Tiramisu, Peaches, Cloudberry, Pumpkin, Pine Tree, Petrol, Pug

The highlighters are definitely becoming firm favourites. Not only has Soph catered for what I believe is most skin shades, from light to dark, but has also chosen 2 separate formulas, one baked and one for creamy. This is perfect for building up glow and getting the most natural or glam look possible. I love the pale rose and lilac shades, they are so pretty and build up really easily, giving a flawless look.


Overall, I am beyond impressed with these palettes! They are cheap, have pigment to burn and are just gorgeous! I really do believe Soph has catered for everyone with these palettes and I am so pleased for her. If you would like to see a look using any of the eye-shadow shades and highlighters, be sure to keep an eye out as another post will be coming soon.

Erin x


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