Tottie Select 18 – My Time as a Tottie Girl

Those who follow me on Instagram will know I am sponsored by Tottie Clothing, a leading equestrian clothing brand who run a Select program each year to chose 6 girls for a years sponsorship. They are now looking for their next years sponsors, so here’s a run down of my time as part of Tottie Select 17. This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

My year (hard to believe its been that long already) as a Tottie Select 17 girl has been a truly wonderful experience. I’ve met some amazing girls who I know I will remain friends with once our time is up and have made great links with the Tottie team, especially Chloe who is an absolute star! A lovely bonus has been the gorgeous outfits I have received, Benny and I look fantastic when we ride now thanks to out top to toe Tottie gear.


My year started when I saw Faye, one of last years Select girls, posting about how Tottie were looking for new sponsors. I knew I had to apply, seeing how much fun Faye had and reading her brilliant blogs was enough motivation to give it a go. After a few weeks, I could barely believe it but heard back from Chloe, who manages the program, saying I had been invited to Tottie HQ for an interview day with 20 other girls! I was so excited but quite nervous as I was worried I wouldn’t be able to put my best self out there in front of such a large group.

On the day, my boyfriend, James, and I woke up so early (well, 6am so not for some) and began the long drive from Essex to Bradford in Leeds. We arrived and James left me as we were scheduled to be there for at least 3 hours. I was first there so waited around in the lobby, cursing myself for looking like such a muppet by myself. While I was taking my time window shopping the small merch shop there, Faye popped up the stairs to introduce herself and take me down to where the interviews were being held.


After a while, other girls started coming in, some of which I recognized from Instagram, and Chloe, who runs the program, got everything started. We had to talk a little about ourselves with a partner, where I met Romy, a Select17 girl, who I ended up chatting with about naughty Welshies and All Time Low, and do some really fun group exercises, these are where I first got to chat to Tayah, another of the other Select17 girls! We then had a fun mini photo shoot in various Tottie outfits, which really helped everyone settle in with the other girls. Soon enough it was time to go home, Chloe kindly gifted us all a cute goodie bag which my now favourite knitted hat came from! I was actually really disappointed to be leaving as I had such a fantastic day and was so happy to meet everyone!


After a few weeks later, I believe it was a Tuesday morning, I woke up to the best email! I had been chosen along with Tayah, Romy, Maddie, Georgie and Hannah to be this years Select17! I was over the moon and so anxious to let everyone know but we had to keep it quiet for a few days. Once we were allowed to, I was nearly shouting it from the roof tops, so excited to start my first blog and get stuck right in to the Select17 program.

During that time, we set up a Tottie group chat were the Select17 girls were able o chat with last years Select girls, now ambassadors, Faye, Olivia and Alanna and the Tottie bloggers Megan, Ffion and Ruth. I know I’ve made some great friends through Tottie, the girls are some of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. We’ve written some great blogs, of which you can readΒ here.


I can’t believe my time as a Select17 girl is nearly up, it’s been an amazing year and has definitely made me fall more in love with Tottie. I hope you chose to apply for Select18, it really is an opportunity you won’t want to pass up and a chance to make some lifelong friends. Chloe is one of the loveliest people I’ve met and is always on hand to offer advice and help when you need it, or just for a general chat.Β 


I wish you all the best if you are going to apply, it’s a fun, crazy and amazing experience to be part of Team Tottie. Β You can fill in the application form from the address:

Good luck!



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