Monetize Your Instagram!

Do you post some brilliant quality content to your Instagram? Think you may deserve more than likes and comments? Seen other Instagrammers getting sponsored posts and want in on the action? Well this blog post is for you!

I’ve been on Instagram for around six or seven years now, within that time I think I’ve restarted my feed about twenty odd times to create new and more aesthetically pleasing themes. Up until the last year, I had never even considered monetizing my social media, all I posted was pictures of my horse, myself and my friends – who would pay to see that?

This year however, I have decided to attempt to monetize my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I signed up to a few influencer sites, which will be linked below, where I can connect with brands who want to work with social media users to promote their products for a small fee or for products in kind. A lot of my posts are either sponsored or paid, however I won’t endorse a product that I wouldn’t have brought myself. I’ve been contacted by companies wanting me to promote hair loss tablets, I have a full and thick head of hair so to me, this was something I wasn’t interested in. Obviously my entire feed isn’t just sponsored posts, that wouldn’t be true to my personality and besides, I love including more personal posts! 

happy socks
My recent sponsored post with Happy Socks

Brands can work with influencer sites or contact you directly. I’ve been very lucky to work with some lovely brands recently including:

  • Happy Socks – I was contacted by their PR manager about a sponsored post where I received five products for free with no fee to the company and all I had to do was create a post advertising their products! The image at the top of this blog is what I came up with as it represents my own laid back personality and the brands fun, quirky style!
  • White With Style – A teeth whitening company who I posts occasionally about. I gain commission of products bought using my affiliate code.
  • Fresher Me – The company kindly sent me a large sample pot of their famous Deep Sea Mud Mask in return for sponsored posts about the product and photos of me using it.

I love how open the Instagram community is to sharing tips and tricks about monetizing your social media, hence why I wanted to share my own for those who are starting out or are unsure on how to begin. If you are a blogger, traveler or beauty enthusiast, I’m sure this post will help you on your journey to earning money from simply posting a picture or two!

  1. Sign up to an Influencer platform – This is what kick started me earning on Instagram, there are loads of website and companies dedicated to bringing influencers and brands together. Some of these platforms work with huge brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Nike and Boohoo. Below I’ve listed some sites that I have worked with below. The majority of brands look for follower counts and activeness so the more you post on your social medias, the more likely you will get noticed by them.
    • FameBit  –
    • Tomoson –
    • IZEA –
    • Heartbeat –
    • Revfluence –
    • Collectively –
    • Ifluenz – ://

  2. Use Affiliate codes and networks – Affiliate codes are something you see all over social media. Every time a person posts and the caption reads something like “Use my code ‘Erin96’ for 20% off!” that is an affiliate code! This means that person has collaborated with the brand in order to promote their products while giving followers a nice discount off their shop. Many affiliate codes are linked by commission, meaning the affiliate will earn a percentage of the sale a customer makes. This is both beneficial for customer and affiliate! Affiliate networks such as are great for fashion accounts as any outfits you link in your photos will be shop-able by followers meaning both you and the company benefit from using them. I’m still getting to grips on using it myself so will hopefully have a future blog post up about it!shopstyle

  3. Get in contact – If you don’t ask, you don’t get! It’s really as simple as that. A lot of brands I’ve worked with I have actually messaged or emailed myself and got better responses than when they have messaged me. A lot of brands are also more willing to barter on terms of the collaboration whenever you contact them yourself as it shows an affinity to the brand and a drive to work for them. Always be certain in what you want to do for them and how it benefits them as a company, what posts you would aim to publish and why you love their company.

  4. Create great content – The more high quality, palatable content you are submitting to your social medias, the more brands will take notice and want to work with you. If you are posting dark, low quality photos that have no real appeals, brands will be less inclined to contact you as they can get their products featured on better pages. Apps like UNUM are great for seeing how your photos will look before posting them to Instagram meaning you get to see the finished result of a theme before making it permanent.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and find it helpful! I will link any affiliate codes below for those who are interested, this post will be updated if I get anymore. If you would like more posts about Instagram make sure to follow and let me know! Good luck with your Instagram monetizing!

Erin x



  1.  Boux Avenue – ERIN20
  2. Orphica Beauty – erinandhappiness
  3. Garcinia Lab – Erin
  4. White With Style – erine96
  5. Organised Beauty – BEAUT101
  6. Coconut Lane – ERIN20



7 thoughts on “Monetize Your Instagram!

    1. Thank you, you’re so kind! I had 6,000 followers on my Instagram, 80 on Twitter and about 300 friends/follows on Facebook. Since I’ve started doing sponsored posts, my following has increased hugely which in turn has increased the number of sponsorship I’m being offered.
      I definitely will! x

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