10 Things Girls Love To Hate

We all love to hate something, right? Here, I’ve complied a list of 10 things girls love to hate! Read on and see if your ‘love to hate’ thing pops up!

  1. Expensive makeup – Yes, it may cost about half our monthly rent but who doesn’t love that bubbly, guilty feeling of splurging on the newest palette and rushing home to try it out! Just a shame we will be living off beans on toast the rest of the month!

  2. The phrase “You look better without makeup” –  I may do but no one asked for your opinion on it! Personally I love doing my face up with makeup, not because I’m insecure about my looks or because I want to impress guys (I’ve got one of my own, I don’t need the rest of you lots approval), I use makeup because I bloody love it!

  3. Shaving – We hate the effort, the time consuming nit picking effort you have to put in to get super smooth, shiny pins but the end result is sooo worth it! 

  4. Netflix and “Chill” – Yeah, the “chill” bit is good and all but what about just lazing about in PJs with spicy Doritos, cookies and tea while binge watching OITNB?? Keep all hands and dodgy intentions above the blanket at all times! 

  5. Slow replies – If you’re anything like me and reply at the speed of light, you hate when it takes someone hours to reply or better yet, take a long time to reply and the message only being a few words…or the dreaded “K”.

  6. Instagram – In general, Insta is great fun! You can find new people, interact with fans across the world and give people a glimpse into your life. But then come the haters, the need to get likes/comments and often it can become overpowering! It’s all about finding the balance between what really matters (real life) and what doesn’t (insta likes).

  7. TOM cravings – Nothing is as good as a crap load of junk food when you feel awful! My personal favourite has to be cream crackers with strawberry jam, cheddar cheese, nutella and primella cheese…sandwiched together! Weird, I know, but so so good!

  8. Boy *space* friends – Why is it so hard to just be friends with a guy? Yes, I get there is the “friend zone” but sometimes it’s so much easier to be friends with laid back guys than bitchy girls! You either get hounded by girls for being easy for hanging out with guys or end up with guys who don’t understand the boundaries of friendship and constantly push for more.

  9. Jealousy – This is something that, while it annoys me, gives me a sneaky giddy feeling. Jealousy is a disease that once it infects someones mind they can’t see the good in you anymore. While this isn’t too nice as a lot of the time they try to ruin what is good in your life, it is also (personally) quite rewarding to see that you are obviously doing so well at live people are envious of you!

  10. Nightclubs – Hitting the town with your friends is always great fun until drama strikes. Friend one gets so drunk she paralytic and has to go home early, friend two drunk texts her boyfriend while bawling her eyes out in the middle of the loos, friend three vanishes with a guy only to reappear two days later for brunch. Not to forget the groups of guys watching you and your friends dancing like a pack of hungry wolves stalking their prey! But hey ho, it all ends with a trip to Domino’s to fill up on stuffed crust and cheesy twists!

I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know what your “love to hate”s are in the comments!

Erin x


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