Aliexpress – Makeup Bargains!?

What do we want!?


When do we want it!?


Many of us are yet to adventure into the world of cheap makeup, I know myself that I am a huge brand whore and love nothing more than the guilty feeling of splashing out £50 on a new Urban Decay Pallet! Yet, many people have found a way to get the best of gorgeous makeup at a fraction of the price!

Aliexpress, the Asian selling website, has brands pouring from the screen at prices us make up junkies can only fantasize about! Mac for £2.50, YSL for £3, ABH for £8!? A DREAM! With only one catch… these are fakes. Yes, they look identical. Yes, they may (if you’re lucky) have the same colour pay off. Yes, they are as fake as Kylie Jenner’s lips!

But what is the risks and benefits of fake makeup? Can you really get all your hearts desires safely for that price? Just for you, I’ve dived into the world of fake makeup!

My Aliexpress adventure started out by joining the Facebook group ‘Aliexpress and Ebay Lovers’ where buyers post their finds, reviews, swatches and final verdicts on whether a certain product/seller is worth buying. I gathered a list of links to products and trustworthy sellers then I took to the app (I had sent up an account prior) to do my searching. The products are endless! Anything I wanted from Kylie lip kits to Unicorn makeup brushes were within my grasp at a price my student purse was happy to give up! 

I ended up purchasing the following items:

  • Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Pallet £8.79 and two Skin Frosts (Ice Cold & Princess Cut) £1.57
  • Kylie Cosmetics Holiday Lip Set £5,49
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child Pallet £6.98 and Dip Brow Pomade (Taupe) £0.99
  • Violet Voss Holy Grail Pallet £9.68
  • Lime Crime Diamond Crushers £1.45 (each)
  • Eyeshadow brushes £2.50

It took between a week and 2 months for these products to arrive which, if like me you are very impatient, is a long time. A long time yet these were worth it!

The JS Beauty Killer is ridiculously similar to the real thing, right down to it’s incredible pigmentation! The colours were blendable, full coverage and high pigment. I’ve used it quiet a few times and am never disappointed. The Skin Frosts on the other hand are dire! They are minuscule in comparison with the real thing not to mention the complete LACK of any pigmentation. A disaster!

Knockoff bad Kylie lippies are everywhere and this set was no exception. These were similar in size to the real ones but having both the difference is very noticeable, the colours were also VERY off! The mattes may as well be the Sahara desert drying on my lips (sad as the colours are gorgeous even if they aren’t the right ones). The wands are an odd shape which meant applying them was tricky and they bled a lot. The glosses were quite pretty even as they were the wrong colours however the wands (in a similar fashion to the original KC wands) were frayed and simply unusable.

The Moon Child pallet was something everyone was after at one point so when I saw it this cheap I had to grab one! Reviews were good (biased I think) as what I received was a slight let down. Yes, the colours had some sort of pigmentation however they were very chalky and fall out was massive. They definitely make better eyeshadows than highlight. The Dip Brow is actually one of my now favourite eyebrow products! Great pigment and very easy to use, it is very hard to tell it apart from the real thing.

The VV Holy Grail pallet is something of my dreams. It looks nearly identical and like the JS pallet has brilliant pigmentation! I was hugely impressed with this and it has become a staple in my makeup collection!

The LC Diamond Crushers are hit and miss. They look gorgeous in the tube yet on the lips react differently depending on which lipstick they are layered over. Honestly I wouldn’t buy them again because of this.

I have also made a full video on YouTube where I review and swatch these products.


I hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to you reading my next one!

Erin x

DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend buying fake products as you do not know what is in them, this post and subsequent video is for entertainment purposes only. All products were patch tested before use.


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