Tottie ‘Canford’ Breeches Review

Hi folks!

Today’s blog will be, as the title suggests, my review of the Tottie ‘Canford’ Breeches.

I am already obsessed with these! Tottie kindly gifted me my pair as part of the Select 17 program and I have been wearing them almost daily. What I love most about these breeches is the design. Black breeches are so common yet are such a staple in nearly every equestrian’s wardrobe, however Tottie have made one simple change to really brighten them up – the mash/Lycra style insert in an ombre effect. Coupled with the stretchy pink ankle cuffs, this makes the breeches really stand out and adds a splash of bright colour to an otherwise plain pair of black breeches.

DSC_0293 (Edited).JPG

The full suede seat allows for maximum comfort and great grip while riding, this is one of my favourite types of full seat breeches as you get the right amount of grip needed without sticking to the seat like many rubber grip breeches do. I’ve found the ‘Canford’ breeches fit true to size, I wear a UK 4-6 and got the waist 24. They are not restricting and i find are the perfect balance between stretchy and durable.

However, even though they are breeches, I do find them to be quite thick meaning you do get slightly warm while wearing them. For myself this is not a problem as I am predominately cold but other’s may find this a drawback. At the moment these breeches are priced at Β£59.99 which I believe is a very reasonable price for the quality of breeches.

For those interested, Harry Hall, who Tottie are under, are currently running a competition to win a pair of ‘Canford’ breeches. All you have to do is sign up to the ‘One Club’ and you will be automatically entered. More information can be found on Georgie Tucker’s Instagram @georgie.tucker.eq where the competition is running.



Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed my review. More will be coming soon!

Erin x


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